Zombies, Run!: Bzzt bzzt - Mission Completed, Starting Radio Mode


This week, we released our first 0.91 Android update that includes mission resume, playlist shuffle, and a ton of bug fixes, along with our long-awaited 1.3 iOS update that brought the final story mission for Season 1.

When our next 0.92 Android update comes out (very soon), we’ll have…

Todays run, trying out Zombie’s, Run! App for iPhone

Ran 2.56 miles, less than I had planned but not bad for the first run after 3 weeks of being sick. This was also my first run trying out my new, Zombie’s, Run! app for iPhone and I give it 5 stars. It was really fun and made the run very interesting! You can link it with playlists on your phone and it will integrate your music into the game. I also broke my neck when I started laughing mid stride as ‘Monster’ by the Automatic came over the headphones right as I had been told to run faster because the zombies were gaining on me!

Time to Get Back Out There, Pollen Be DAMNED!

Today I am going running after a 3 week “break”. I say “break” but really it was 2 weeks unable to breath with asthmatic bronchitis and one week at a new job too tired to do anything. But, I made it through that first week in one piece, I love the new job, and it is right by my favorite running spots downtown. Today I will go out to that area and just do an easy run trying out my new Zombies, Run! app.

Update later!